Dealing with the media can be a challenge. That's why we've developed a website to make it easier. Social media can add a new dimension to how scientists communicate with colleagues and the wider community. When science is contentious the media will want to talk about it. Tricky interviews call for extra media savvy.

Social media in your working day

In this video
  • How to use social media to scan for news and ideas
  • How to use different media to share aspects of your day
  • How to engage with others
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Social media is portable and communication is quick and easy. Those little spaces in the day like train trips or coffee breaks can become opportunities to keep in touch with peers elsewhere. You can share articles that interest you or just keep colleagues around the world up to date with your own research.

Through blogging you can communicate your thoughts and observations to a wider audience and even the media.

Wherever you are, social media allows you to be part of the worldwide conversation around your area of research…

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