Dealing with the media can be a challenge. That's why we've developed a website to make it easier.

New Zealand training resources

New Zealand training resources

Scientists who are comfortable and effective in front of media are better able to explain their research and its significance to a wider public. They gain a voice for science on important issues, using evidence to inform public opinion. They extend their ability to reach potential collaborators and business partners, attracting unexpected benefits. They can help inspire young people to become scientists, and spark curiosity and appreciation for science in a wider context.

This website offers you a quick one-stop shop for that sudden media opportunity, or an overview if you’d like to be prepared for the media if they come knocking. For a more in-depth explanation of how media works and what they are likely to want from you download our general advice tipsheet.

If you want to get some face to face experience or personal coaching, it’s a good idea to look for services tailored to the needs of science and scientists. Here is a selection of media training opportunities that focus on scientists.

Science Media SAVVY workshops

Created for scientists and researchers, this two-day intensive communications skills and media training workshop offers the chance to develop confidence and learn to engage effectively with the wider public through broadcast, print and social media.

Hands-on  articipants gain practical techniques to improve their communication, deal with nerves, adapt their message to their audience, influence headlines, and respond effectively when an interview becomes challenging.

Science Media SAVVY workshops are led by Science Media Centre staff, with sessions held in centres around New Zealand four times a year.

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Media trainer Michael Brown regularly contributes to the Science Media SAVVY workshops. His company, Skillset, also offers bespoke training for scientists and science organisations.

“We’ll show how handling the media in a way that benefits your organisation, the audience – and the media – is not rocket science.”

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