Dealing with the media can be a challenge. That's why we've developed a website to make it easier. Social media can add a new dimension to how scientists communicate with colleagues and the wider community. When science is contentious the media will want to talk about it. Tricky interviews call for extra media savvy.

Engaging during a conference

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In this video
  • How to use social media to connect with peers before and during the conference
  • How to capture content from attending a conference that can be shared with you networks
  • How to engage with a wider audience
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Conferences have always been about networking, widening professional horizons and finding out what colleagues from elsewhere are working on. Social media takes all that to a new level.

Before a conference even begins you can make personal connections and build relationships with other attendees whose work interests you.

Once there, with a mobile device you’re never lost in the crowd – with location-based services you can find the people you want to meet and they can find you.

Through social media it’s easy to share the intellectual ‘buzz’ of a conference with a much wider audience.

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