Dealing with the media can be a challenge. That's why we've developed a website to make it easier.


Here at the Australian Science Media Centre we work constantly between two worlds – science and the media …making sure scientists are out there on the front foot when an issue comes up that needs their expertise, and helping journalists find the right expert when their story needs science.

Since 2005 more than 1500 journalists have registered with us, we take an average of 200 media enquiries a month and help generate more than 13,000 new clips each year. We also administer the science news portal, and have a large and growing database of scientists prepared to take media enquiries.

But still we keep hearing the same stories from each side….journalists complaining that scientists aren’t willing or able to explain themselves well enough to the media, scientists intimidated by media experience, or unsure of how to get a complex message across in what seems to them a trivial and superficial way.

So we decided to put together this web resource for scientists. We’ve asked well-known journalists to explain their jobs, and how scientists can work with them better. We’ve asked some scientists who’ve turned out to be star media performers for their tips on how best to deal with the media. And we’ve created a series of videos to give you some idea of what it’s actually like to be interviewed for TV, radio, print or online.

We hope it will be a resource you can turn to when that sudden phone call comes, or when your science hits the news and you feel unprepared for the microphone or the camera. We’ve also included information on other training resources, a gateway to the array of more in-depth media training available in both Australia and New Zealand.


The news media module would not be possible without the support of CSIRO.  We also wish to thank the University of Adelaide and Network Ten for providing filming locations and to the journalists and scientists who contributed their time to make this resource possible.

The social media module was developed with supported from Inspiring Australia and was prepared in collaboration with Bridge8, Econnect Communication and Scitech.

The contentious science module was developed with support from the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. Special thanks go to Dr Craig Cormick for his valued assistance with this module.







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